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GOYA Gaming Labs is working on and preparing for the launch of various 3D
games on its' eco-system to increase community participation in its' eco-system

Transforming the Gaming Experience

Players are entering into the real of Metaverse to experience next-level gaming. While Metaverse can either be centralized or decentralized, gaming companies focus more on decentralized projects since the future is decentralized.

What we offer

GOYA believes that gamification and user engagement is crucial in building our eco-system to benefit all GOYA stakeholders.

Goya will be launching a series of games in the last quarter of 2022 and beyond to continually engage the community of Goya citizens as they work, learn and play in our eco-system.

Look forward to preferential rates, discounts, gamification opportunities and bespoke tokenisation and rewards programs crafted for our eco-system partners, all designed to add value to you, your business and the GOYA eco-system

Endless possibilities on our platform

Get in touch with our team at Web3Re Technologies to kickstart your business venture on our metaverse.