An initiative by GOYA Universe

Driven by a fundamental desire to make a difference in the world, Digital Philanthropy is the first social purpose blockchain-enabled marketplace, where every transaction will contribute to a nominated charity/social enterprise or otherwise into a general pooled charity fund, which will be managed separately by an independent public charity entity (CLG) registered in Singapore.

We aim to redefine the stories of the vulnerable communities by providing a comprehensive solution for charities and social enterprises to raise awareness of their cause, generate new revenue streams and increase meaningful engagement between donors and beneficiaries via Web 3.0 technologies.

For Artists / Creatives, we offer an opportunity to integrate personal passion and values with their giving, while offering new attractive income streams by reaching out to the blockchain-for-good and crypto-savvy communities.


The purpose of Digital Philanthropy is to provide people around the world with the opportunity to do good, learn, work and ultimately prosper through social interactions leveraging on secure Web 3.0 technologies such as the blockchain and the Metaverse.

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