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What is blue carbon?

Blue carbon is simply the term for carbon captured by the world's ocean and coastal ecosystems. Mangrove forests are the world’s best natural carbon sink and are important due to their capacity to store carbon within the plants and in the sediments below. Coastal wetlands, including salt marshes and mangrove forests are among the most productive ecosystems on earth. Mangroves "capture and hold" carbon, acting as a carbon sink. Coastal systems such as Mangrove forests capture carbon at a much faster rate than terrestrial ecosystems and can continue to do so for millions of years.

Healthy blue carbon ecosystems also provide habitat for thousands of marine animals, sustain coastal communities and livelihoods, and provide protection from floods and storm surges. As mangroves are found in low-lying areas, they are less likely to be disturbed by human activities or natural events, allowing them to store carbon for long periods of time.

Blue carbon ecosystems play an important role in fighting the global climate crisis and nurturing land and marine ecosystems. With the Goya platform, you can do your part and help us fight climate change.
Despite its many benefits, every year 19,000 hectares of Mangrove are cleared for aquaculture and oil palm plantations. Fortunately, Indonesia is determined to reverse this process and has pledged to plant over 600,000 hectares of mangrove trees in the next few years.

How is GOYA helping?

With GOYA, you can make a climate impact that counts by supporting a unique world-changing science-driven mangrove project.
Our approach is Science and Technology driven, and we use Blockchain or the distributed ledger technology, to ensure that all data is handled to allow provenance, immutability, transparency and accountability.
The growth of mangrove forests planted by all stakeholders can be tracked and analyzed for accountability.
Studies have shown that every 1,500 trees per hectare can store up to 700 - 1000 tonnes of carbon per hectare.
You can now witness first hand, how GOYA finds these projects, audits them and then finally allow them on our platform.
You can rest assured that there will never be double accounting or double treatment of carbon credits traded, sold or sponsored.
At GOYA, we pursue authenticity and accountability.
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